Kahoon dost se dost ki baat kya kya!!! 

“Dost” (Friend) is an Arifana Ghazal/Kalam which is reverently and devotionally conceived by Baba Zaheen Shah Taji sb. The lyrics of him expresses the pain and ecstasy of being fully consumed into the fire of his transcendent love. It is such an exalted piece that when you approach to understand, it sways, when you approach to reflect, it stays in the heart.

Queen Abida Parveen breathed a new life into these words that when you take heed, it brings peace and harmony. The intrinsic beauty of her voice keeps on taking you up in the air and you are gone.

Kudos to Coke Studio Pakistan and Strings for an excellent fusion and heartwarming composition.


Lyrics with Translation:

Kahoon dost se dost ki baat kya kya
Rahi dushmanon se mulaaqaat kya kya
What wondrous secrets should I speak of to the Friend who lives in His friend’s heart?
What moment was spent in the thought of anything but Him?

Wuh ‘ishwe wuh ghamze
wuh naghme wuh jalwe
Talab kar rahe ham- aafaat kya kya
Those heart-stopping glances, those mischievous graces
That rapturous music, that dazzling unveiling
What wondrous calamities we are seeking!

Jahaan mujh ko aaya khayaal aa gaye wuh
Dikhaayi hain dil ne karaamaat kya kya
As soon as His thought appeared, He appeared in my heart
what wondrous miracles the heart has accomplished!

Nah thi guftugu darmiyaan phir bhi un se
Pas-i parda-i dil hui baat kya kya
Though nothing was said to Him face to face
What wondrous conversation occurred behind the curtain of the heart!

Kahoon dost se dost ki baat kya kya
What wondrous secrets should I speak of to the Friend who lives in His friend’s heart? 



This hadith (saying of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) – ” Ma’n Kuntu Mawla, Faha’za Ali’un Mawla [ He of whom I am the Mawla, of him Ali is also the Mawla] was made at a place called  Ghadir-e- Khum  on his return from the Farewell Pilgrimage (Hajj), was the foundation upon which the continuation of Khuda’s message was established.

The Quran places great emphasis on the importance of blood relationships/near relatives. There are many verses on the obligations of kinship and the families of the Prophet in the Quran. It says that God has chosen the descendants of Adam, Noha Abraham and Israel above the people (19:58), in another verse God says that He bestowed upon them (Chosen Family) Imamate after being tested with certain commandments (2:124). Every Prophet of his age always appointed a wasi (successor) to carry the Divine message, to interpret the law (Sharia) to warn people and to remind them of their duties to God.

Wilfred Madelung in his book “The succession to Muhammad” stresses that even the Sunni concept of the true Caliphate itself defines it as a succession of the Prophet in every respect except Prophethood. He asks quoting the verse of the Quran where blood relations have closer ties to each other in the Book of God ( 6:84-89) -why should Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s) not be succeeded in it by any of his family like the earlier Prophets? If God really wanted to indicate that he should not be succeeded by any of them why did He not let die his grandsons (Hassan and Husayn) like his son?

Prophet Adam (a.s) appointed Seth as his wasi (successor), Prophet Noah (a.s)  appointed Sam,  Prophet Abraham (a.s) made nass on his son Ismael; Prophet Moses (a.s) appointed his brother Haron, Prophet Jesus (a.s) appointed Shamu’n , Prophet David (a.s) appointed his son Solomon, Prophet Isaac (a.s) appointed his son Jacob. In the same way Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s) according to the Divine tradition kept up by his predecessors appointed his first cousin and son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib to be his successor [wasi] as the first Imam.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s) was Spiritual at the same was worldly leader of Muslims (Emir ul-Momnenin and Imam ul-Muslimin. Similarly the Progeny inherits both temporal and spiritual sovereignty.  The Progeny ( Ahlul Bayt) have always been present to guide according to time and space. Conditions prevailing thousands of years ago were different from those at present and years to come the conditions will totally change. In Islam guidance ought to suit the times because it is a dynamic religion.

Almighty Allah sent four different holy books at different times. The first Book Taurat and then the revelation of three subsequent Books show that fresh and timely guidance was always necessary to keep faith alive and extending.

“Just as fresh food is essential for the progress of material body, in the same way fresh guidance was also necessary for spiritual advancement.” This was remarked by Imam Muhammad-ul-Baqir (a.s) when a Christian Missionary was preaching his religion – religion of Jesus Christ.

Therefore only those who are Surat Parast [form worshipers] deny the supremacy of Prophets and Imams and consider them like themselves. To this Mawlana Rumi warns them to be careful in their analogy because Iblis Judged Adam from his appearance. He further says in Masnavi:

“Do not measure the actions of The Holy Men by (the analogy of) yourself

Thou “Sher” (Lion) and Shir (Milk) are similar in writing.

Imam Ali (a.s) in his letter to Muawiya says!

“We (Ahlul Bayt, the Progeny of the Holy Prophet) are unique examples of creation of Allah. For such a status, we are not under obligation to any person or tribe but the Almighty Allah granted us these blessings.  Human beings have received and will receive perfection through us. The perpetual supremacy and inherent superiority do not prevent us from making contact with human beings or with your clan, and we have married amongst you and have established family connections with yours (as well as with others) clan, though you do not belong to our class. “-Letter No.28

According to the following verse of Quran we are advised to “Obey” Allah, Prophet and Divine Authority without judging, exaggeration and immoderation.

 “Obey God, His Apostle and those in Divine Authority amongst you” – (4:59)

Eid-e Ghadeer Mubarak!

In this stunning rendition, Sabri Brothers have combined fragments of historical events to invoke the spirit of the listeners or to create state of mystical delight “Maqam” in such a way that the sheer magic of this rendition gets at you and touches the shores of thy memory again and again like the waves of the Ocean.

It starts of a dialogue between the cupbearer and the drunkard but then turns onto another stage that for centuries has inspired the history of the world in general and Umma’ in particular: The Battle of Karbala and the dialogue between Imam Hussain (a.s) and yazid’s general shimr. It says how Imam Hussain (a.s) and his family sacrificed their life to save the ark of Prophet Muhammad.

Ibn-e-Sa’d: If you pay homage to Yazid, everything will go well for you and whatever worldly comforts and privileges you desire will be at your disposal.

Imam Hussain: Tell yazid to tempt with the worldly comforts those who are after this world. I am the Imam, the representative of the Apostle of God. Hussein will cheerfully meet any catastrophe but never surrender Truth to falsehood.

My faith is that the progress of Islam does not depend on the use of sword but the result of the supreme sacrifice of Hussain (a.s), the great saint. -Mahatma Ghandi

I highly recommend you guys to take heed to this hypnotic Qawali.

“He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”- Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.

The ongoing killings of the Shia Ithna-Asheri community in Pakistan is gut wrenching and heart breaking. Rivers of tears and blood flow each day. Our silence to atrocities is shattering our hope to live in Pakistan.

Now it’s a national and moral duty of every human in Pakistan to stand up against the Shia genocide. If we can protest together for Malal, Rimshah Masih, Shahzeb then we can protest for more than eighty people and their families too, who mourn as they sit beside their loved ones coffins in the freezing cold weather of Quetta.

Some authors said it right that the day we see the truth and cease to speak the truth is the day we began to die.

It’s time to recognize the ravenous wolves, the violent ghosts who butcher humanity, who have hijacked the spirit of Islam and in the name of Islam they killed Islam. They and the like minded fanatics think they have God in their pockets and the Holy Command in their tongue, bah! They know nothing of Islam except the name.

If you think you have a human heart and a seeing eye then give yourself a voice otherwise you’ll be confused alone and lost.


We will remember your silence O’my fellow Citizen and Muslim:-

You have street powers, you eagerly move from city to city, street to street, shouting loudly against the killings of Burma, Palestine, Kashmir but you are silent when it comes to Shia genocide in your own country. Is this not a form of hypocrisy?

We will remember your silence O cheap justice:-

You took sue motto action on wine bottle, you took sue motto action for Shahzeb Khan, but you are silent when hundreds of Shias are being killed, butchered or bombed. Where is your Sue motto? Were they not Shahzeb’s of some mother? Eighty five people killed and yet you still sleep. Which group are you trying to appease with sheer silence?

O you the brass military:-

You took the oath to provide security to citizens and to protect their lives. Now you are too silent when they have chopped off people’s heads and even dare to kill a young girl, the product of this mind set is like the dragon whose venom consumes many lives.

O you Twitterists and Facebookers:-

Where are those who were sharing pictures of Burma or Twittering in support of Malala? It is easy Twittering from the comfort of your own sofa but you are silent when it comes to protesting or holding a vigil. Can you imagine the courage it takes to sit out on the streets in freezing weather side by side with bodies of your loved ones? Where is the humanity in you? Is it a deficiency that you are silent to these atrocities? Come out if you have the courage and support the vigil. It’s now or never!! Pakistan civil society has to rise against the corrupt generals and politician to change the mindset of people.

O you bogus Parliament of Zardari:-

You never think beyond your chairs. Now who should we ask, the President? The Prime Minister? Or the un-bearded mulla? Or the bearded mulla? Or the Chaudries, Khans, Sardars, Waderas,  lying day and night claiming to serve the people while hunting for girls to marry?

The time has come to say it’s enough. The silence of my fellow citizens makes me sad, my soul shivers and is full of pain.

As a human I condemn this sheer genocide against Shias and I offer my prayers for the victims and their families. My all support and wishes are with you. As a Pakistani I offer this post in remembrance to Shia Hazara community.


We will remember your silence!!

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Nooruddin Jalal

Islam means “Peace”.  It is the religion which Allah has chosen as a medium for mankind to understand their place and the relation with Him. It brings salvation, nobleness and dignity to Mankind. It’s a highway which will not mislead anybody.  It’s a Light which will not die out. It is such a destination that who aim to reach it will never wander away.  Allah (swt) entrusted it [Islam] to the most blessed and chosen of His Prophets, – Muhammad Mustafa Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam.

 The greatest blessings of the Merciful Allah upon Mankind is that He granted us a Prophet: a guide to follow, a leader to obey and a continuous light to show us the way forward. Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was such a guide that his guidance will never deceive us, he was such a leader that his wings of leadership will never mislead us, he was such a Divine Light that his Light will never stop shining for us.  We (Umma) believe that world and faith are inseparable in Islam. We pray, give charity, read Quran. We recite Quran even before plane take off. We take our Tasbihs before interviews. Lots of our prayers involve sending blessings on Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and on his Progeny (Alaihi’s Salaam). FYI: Our religion bases half of its belief system on what the Prophet and his descendants did and said. We act according to their words and look up to them for continuous guidance.

The Holy Prophet of Allah illuminated the world of Arabia when it was in total darkness of ignorance and low standard of morality, when humanity was on the verge of annihilation, when dissension and disunity were rampant, when Mankind were divided into creed, cast and colors. At such time Allah sent the Holy Prophet to reveal the message of “Peace”  and prosperity. He inspired the human society through his deeds and teachings. He  was such an epitome of love and compassion that those who harmed him in return he treated them with love and kindness.  He taught Muslims to forgive and to live peacefully with others. His bowl of flowers makes one mind fragrant, his pearls of the stream and light of wisdom continuously refreshing and nourishing human intellect. His Divine Guidance is such a lamp that from it several lamps are being lighted. He was the perfect Mirror of Mankind and when you look at the mirror it reflects back to you your own nature.

 Taking the recent disgraceful insults and degradation of the beloved Prophet, no Muslim will remain silent or allow lies to be made against Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  At such time to raise voice is a spiritual responsibility of every Muslim but what matters is, how a Muslim protest against those who mock his/her faith.

Today, my brothers and sisters in Islam are in anguish against those who insulted the beloved Prophet. Any Muslim whose heart springs with love, love for Allah, His messenger and Ahl-Al-Bayt will naturally condemns such manifestations of evil. Today they ask: What does ‘free speech’ mean? -that to hurt a Muslim ? or is it a license to play with sentiments? How would you justify such ‘Freedom of Speech” when it becomes freedom to insult? If freedom of speech negates the objectives to nourish the intellectual excellence in the competition of ideas then it will be a grave mistake to not   restrict human impulse from committing profane acts.

A responsible Muslim can not forgive those who mocked beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) neither can he/she forgive the people who claim to be Muslim beheaded and killed innocent humans in the name of Islam. The cries of oppressed human beings in the streets of Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and other parts of the world are far more painful to the Prophet than a negate and  insulting movie. Those who think their actions are pleasing to Allah and His messenger,  I ask, how can such actions be justified?- When Prophet Muhammad and His Progeny patiently bore sufferings, insults, even injuries and yet  responded with love; they would lose lives in order to win the souls.  So, don’t defend Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a way that would offend him. Look at him and his noble deeds for guidance – He couldn’t even bear to see a camel in pain! Imagine how he cared for humans.

It is a state of macabre of what my fellow Muslims did on the day of Ishq-e Rasool (Prophet’s day) in Pakistan.  Returning to the times of Jaheelia is’nt showing your Ishq-e Rasool! Don’t pollute the crystal clear spring of Islam by looting, killing and burning others properties and by attacking on a church in the name of Islam. The example of Prophet Muhammad is before you to follow. Show the true Isq-e Rasool by actually following his teachings which include to improve human mind, to raise the standard of human life, to literate the world, to heal the pain, to be humble, to be kind, to respect, to forgive and  to maintain peace and prosperity.

Wish all these people who incited a mob to sack the state and private properties could get together and unanimously send Darud-o-Salam (اللّهُمّصَلّعَلَىمُحَمّدٍوَآلِمُحَمّدٍ) on the  beloved Prophet  to show their love and devotion to him- the message  could have been different. Think the other way of protest O’ believer!! We have our rights too to defend our honour, dignity and faith.

Allah has declared in the Holy Qur’an:

“And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace ”  [Surah Al-Furqan 25:63]


I’m the Melody of Chitral

I’m the Reed-flute of Hunza

I’m the ecstatic Rabab of Khyber

I’m the Attan of Pakhtuns

I’m the Martial Dance of Khattaks

I’m The Beauty of  Kashmir

I’m Bulleh Shah’s Kaafis

I’m Warish Shah’s romantic stories

I’m Sassi Punnu, Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwaal

I’m the Bhangra of Punjab, the Dhamaal of Sindh

I’m Arif Lohar’s Jugni

I’m Anwar Masood’s Ambri

I’m Abida Parveen’s Ishq

I’m the depth of Arabian Sea

I’m Height of Hindu Kush

I’m the pride of Pakhtun mountains

I’m the romance of Punjabi fields

I’m the mysticism of Sindhi plains

I’m the resilience of Balochi deserts

I’m the passion of Jinnah

I’m the dream of Iqbal

I’m the wish of  Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan

I’m the effort of Sir Agha Khan

I’m the fist of Liaqat Ali khan

I’m the pride of Abdus Salam

I’m the hope of Muniba Mazari

I’m the mirth of Lalik Jan

I’m the wrath of Karnal Sher Khan

I’m the voice of right

I’m the hope of light


Today I turn 68

I may seem tattered down,
But my spirit refuses to die

My hands may be empty

But my heart is full of hope
I was, am and will be,

the Sohni Dharti of my children

For I’m the beat of their hearts.

– Nooruddin Jalal

This is my all time favorite Kalam by Iqbal to share:-

The Moon is staring upon me like a frenzied lover, stars blush as the rose blooms in the cheek of a young fair maiden. The night is ticking by- tick tock tick tock- but sleep is far away from these swollen eyes.

My beginner’s mind is like the brook drinking in its first drop from the dew of Grace which falls eternally from heaven. It often runs ever forward towards the One Ocean, seeking and spilling, meandering along over rocks and down falls ever searching for the why and how of This Path.  This time it is the rise of spring, the arrival of the journey’s naissance. The Message is in celebration of Diversity and Hope with a tinge of fullness in the lips of a lover showing that radiant face to me. There, in this rapt stillness, breathing down the stars with many young faces twinkling back to the Earth Mother I feel alive to be so included in this sacred dance. The fecund soil beneath my very feet breathes new life and life abundantly lifting me from earth to heaven and back again. For in this auspicious time when the Eternal Sun awakens all of nature around, under and through me, I stretch and throw off the cloak of winters work now completed and the Circle starts again.

In the mountains of Chitral, where I grew up, spring is usually overwhelming. A long chilly winter locally called ” Chillah” turns the whole valley grey with the chill of winter’s bone. At its depths when this dreary season wipes the mountains bare, hope is abandoned as the rays of the sun grow ever fainter in the shadows of the valley floor. 

Yet when spring returns each year, with it comes Hope painting wide swathes across the valley in lush strokes of her paint brush, creating yet again, another canvas of Divine Reality. With this new landscape, the smell of spring is on the air, with every plant and animal and person beaming with new found awareness. The wind, once harsh and corrosive, now caresses each growing radiant molecule of life.

With the kiss of Spring not only in Chitral but the entire northern hemisphere of earth is awash in many shades and colors. The azure sky above is filled with sparkling wine sharing its dew with the meadow washed with its Divine Glance. The flowers, eyes open, the willow tree is clothed once again, hence winter bows to spring like an elephant to a king. The birds migrate to fill the sky with a tapestry of undulating color and shapes. Bees and other insects awaken from hibernation to extract pollen in every pregnant flower to sow for future generations. Looking around, it appears that the entirety of nature has returned to rejoice in unison singing “Celebrate” to all who have ears to hear this Divine Symphony in all its names, shapes and forms seen and unseen to the world.

The sheer breathtaking beauty of spring is now enjoyed by the entire Universe, bringing the reign of Unity once again. There are signs for those with eyes which can see within this divine tapestry, asNasir Khusraw alludes to in verse If you are not in need of the proof, the proof is not in need of you”.  

Spring comes with the message of diversity and hope; it reminds us to celebrate and “raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide” (HIK); also to appreciate the colors, to rejoice in the strength and vitality felt all around, with flower blooms to shadow out the weakness of barren fields, weeds and darkness.

I’m only student of the Cosmos, my eyes just started hatching out from the egg of breath brining Light to spheres of darkness and deception, I might be wrong, a so called genius. What have you done to the world and what enriches others to learn of this new found diversity as taught by the natural world?  Didn’t you know that you are the vicegerent of Allah to spread your heart strings far and wide” no wider than the heart is wide??”

 O you Mullah/Rabbi/Priest- what have you done to the people of the earth except barking at them? Your force is supplication to your ego self, not the will of Allah The One.

Now where should we seek thou hand O Allah?? A mixture of tulips, roses, daffodils and sun flower-all blend their colors with each other to give glory and a living, shining example of Your radiant face? But many humans bowing to their lower selves and lost the seed of the Soul- the direction of the blessed tree from where the oil lights the lamp of understanding.

According to a key verse in the Holy Quran- this is the one important aspect of the purpose of human diversity:

” O mankind, We have created you male and female, and We have made you into tribes and nations in order that you might come to know one another”-   Al Hujurat   ( 49:13)

We need to know that the real peace comes from accepting ” diversity as a source of nourishment rather than burden” (Imam Shah Karim al Husayni). Allah (SWT) does see colours. We need to understand that it was the idea of the Creator for the world to be a colourful place. So instead of being divided because of cast, creed and colours, we need to celebrate it like flowers. But first let’s seek out the very direction of the blessed tree for a continues guidance.

In service to the Real,

Nooruddin Jalal